MDDC has been actively involved in demining operations in Kosovo for seven years, first with the deployment of four mine detection dog teams supporting the EODMS teams Kosovo in 2007, who were deployed in different tasks, where the mine contamination problem was bigger than previously assumed.  The deployment of mine detection dog teams was continued over the next years. Frist deployment of MDDC with its own demining teams in demining projects in Kosovo was in 2011, when MDDC conducted the demining operations in the villages of Dubovac, Beçiç and Galica in the area of Vucitrn municipality. The demining project was funded by the US Government through ITF. The mine contaminated land was mainly covered with arable land and forest. The significance of this project is justified with the fact that the risk areas in some parts of the task are only 30 meters far from the nearest house. In May 2012, MDDC supported the work of KSF teams in Koshare area, deploying the mine detection dog teams and in summer 2012, MDDC implemented another demining project in Kosovo.  

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