Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement

Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM/WRA) is a co-founder of Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina who provide funds for operations of MDDC in the first three years of work. MDDC closely cooperate with the PM/WRA and the U.S. Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are numerous projects funded by the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement that were implemented by MDDC. PM/WRA also unselfishly supported our fundraising event Mine Awaraness Night To Make a Difference, by being a Platinum Sponsor to this humanitarian dinner.

The Marshall Legacy Institute

Cooperation with the U.S. non-governmental organization The Marshall Legacy Institute - MLI have started in 2004 and since then MDDC and MLI have developed good and intensive cooperation. A number of projects were created and jointly implemented by our two organizations since then. MDDC have trained dozens of mine detection dogs for MLI, that were donated to various mine action centers and organizations needing such support in countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Azerbaijan, Lebanon and Angola, and jointly implemented the Iraq project of supporting demining operations, as well as the fundraising dinner MANMADE held in Sarajevo on April 4th 2012, created the Mine Risk Education Project with Sitting Volleyball Club Fantomi from Sarajevo. MDDC and MLI are currently working on the continuation of the project of MDD capacity building in Angola where MDDC already trained six mine detection dog teams.

ITF Enhancing Human Security

ITF Enhancing Human Security was established as a humanitarian non-profit organization in Slovenia, devoted to humanitarian demining activities initially to support Bosnia and Herzegovina, but soon developed to support the region of South East Europe and other affected regions in the world. Most of the U.S. funds are channeled through the ITF, as well as other international donors to mine action. ITF helps to allocate funds for the implementation of various mine action projects, and there were number of projects implemented by MDDC mainly mine clearance, mine risk education and mine victims assistance that were supported by ITF.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre

Bosnia and Herzegovina Mine Action Centre-BHMAC is a state institution in charge for overall mine action activities in BH, including quality control, planning, and project development, priority setting for demining in Bosnia and Herzegovina, reporting on project implementation, certification and handover of the cleared areas. MDDC closely cooperates with the BHMAC and its departments. 

Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise

Armenian Center for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise is state non-commercial organization with Armenian Ministry of Defense as the governing authority. CHDE is in charge for implementation, planning and control of demining process in Republic of Armenia. MDDC cooperates with CHDE on the implementation of Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program on establishing MDD capacity in Armenia that will significantly enhance the process of demining in this country, and supervision of their work in the field, and also on establishing procedures for the use of MDDs according to IMAS.

Serbia Mine Action Center

MDDC is a member of South East Europe Mine Action Coordination Council and cooperates with all regional mine action centres. MDDC is accredited for conducting demining in Republic of Serbia, and therefore works closely with Serbia Mine Action Centre during preparation and implementation of demining projects in the Republic of Serbia, as well as with the authorized body – Ministry of Internal Affairs' unit in charge for emergency situations.

Croatian Mine Action Centre

Croatian Mine Action Centre-HCR is a state institution in charge for overall implementation of mine action activities in  the Republic of Croatia.  Like with all other mine action centres in the region, MDDC closely cooperates with HCR, aiming at promoting the demining process, exchanging experiences and expertise.

Kosovo Mine Action Centre

MDDC is active in demining activities in Kosovo for many years, first using only mine detection dog teams, and later using our own manual demining teams after acquiring the accreditation for demining in Kosovo. There were numerous projects implemented by MDDC through the ITF Enhancing Human Security, and funded by the PM/WRA at the U.S. Department of State, and the latest such project implemented in Kosovo by MDDC in Bečić area of municipality Vushtri.

HCR-The Croatian Mine Action Center for Testing, Development and Training Ltd. 

Croatian Mine Action Center for testing, Development and Training  Ltd.- CTRO was founded by the HCR with the aim of encouraging, assisting and developing field tests and evaluation of mine and UXO detection technologies, and of performing systematic tests, examination and development of mine action, and it is also a member of the South East Europe Mine Action Coordination Council.

Regional Center for Divers Training and Underwater Demining

Regional Center for Divers Training and Underwater Demining - RCUD is an organization specialized for divers training to conduct underwater demining and UXO clearance. Since the establishment, RCUD is a member of SEEMACC, and Mine Detection Dog Center have developed good cooperation with all of its members aiming at reducing the mine contamination problem in the Region.

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action

Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action-ANAMA is a state institution of the Republic of Azerbaijan and MDDC have developed very good cooperation with ANAMA which uses dozens of mine detection dog teams trained at MDDC. Besides being a beneficiary of the donation from MLI and ITF Enhancing Human Security, ANAMA have provided funds for a couple of mine detection dogs dogs trained by MDDC. They use mine detection dogs on all of their demining operations in Azerbaijan, with the productivity significantly larger than the average in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the use of MDDs in Azerbaijan is constantly expanding. MDDC and ANAMA have also cooperated in demining project in wider area of town of Gaziantep on Turkish-Syrian border.

Lebanon Mine Action Center

Lebanon Mine Action Center - LMAC is a state institution of Lebanon in charge for demining operations. For past couple of years MDDC cooperate with LMAC on projects of training mine detection dog teams for LMAC, mainly donated by The Marshall Legacy Institute from USA and PM/WRA at the U.S. State Department. MDDC also provides support to LMAC through testing of the operational capacity of the trained teams, to make them ready at all times to be deployed on various demining tasks throughout Lebanon.

Albanian Mine Action Executive

Albanian Mine Action Executive - AMAE and Mine Detection Dog center in Bosnia and Herzegovina have closely cooperated during the deployment of MDD teams in Northern Albania.  Like other SEEMACC members, AMAE is involved in mine action activities in their home country preparing and monitoring demining projects.

CNIDAH - The National Demining Commission in Angola

Program of the building capacity of mine detection dogs for purposes of National Institute of Demining (INAD) in Angola have started in 2011 when MDDC have trained six mine detection dogs and twelve mine detection dog handlers from Angola, all in cooperation with The Marshall Legacy Institute. Upon their successful accreditation, teams were deployed on demining projects in different provinces of Angola contaminated with landmines, and all of them showed how efficient they are in reducing the mine contamination. After the teams gave proved themselves in the field, National Demining Institute in Angola expressed the interest for training up to 36 mine detection dogs more. The continuation of the Angola project is expected to start soon.

Mines Advisory Group

MDDC have implemented the demining project in Iraq together with Mines Advisory Group-MAG, where three MDD teams from MDDC were deployed as a support to demining teams in Bani Maqam, area of Chamchamal. The project continued due to very good results shown in the field and the efficiency of MDD teams on demining tasks in Iraq.

Federal Administration of Civil Protection

Federal Administration of Civil Protection is an entity institution that has mine detection dog teams as part of their mine action capacities, and all of their mine detection dogs were trained by the MDDC. The training was funded by The Marshall Legacy Institute.  Federal Administration of Civil Protection also has dogs for search and rescue people in ruins and avalanches, also trained by MDDC.

Civil Protection of Republika Srpska

Civil protection of RS-RUCZ RS is one of the users of mine detection dogs trained by MDDC. They also regularly conduct internal monthly testing and re-training at the MDDC. One of the recent training projects implemented with Civil Protection of Republika Srpska is training of two MDD teams funded by the Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement in the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Political-Military Affairs through ITF Enhancing Human Security. Two new teams will significantly improve their capacities in their daily mine action activities throughout the country.

Danish Church Aid

Mine Detection Dog Center in BH worked with the Danish Church Aid- DCA on the project of demining in Albania. Mine detection dog teams were deployed as a support to demining teams of DCA for two and a half years in the Northern Albania.


This organization cooperated with MDDC in the recruitment and training personnel, as well as testing and re-training of mine detection dogs deployed in Afghanistan. Dozens of explosive detection dog handlers were trained at MDDC and now work in Afghanistan as part of the AMK9 team. MDDC have also conducted training of explosive detection dogs for AMK9.

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