Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action-ANAMA has been using mine detection dogs since 2001. The number of ANAMA operational mine detection dog teams has increased from 4 in 2001 to present 35, out of which 29 were trained by Mine Detection Dog Center. The cooperation between MDDC and Azerbaijan started in 2007, when first group of four dogs was trained at MDDC. ANAMA uses mine detection dogs in nearly all demining operations conducted in Azerbaijan, since they proved to be very efficient, particularly related to the climate conditions and configuration of the terrain in the country. The MDD teams are used in demining operations, quality control and after the work of the demining machine. The mine detection dogs are valuable tool for ANAMA: millions of square meters of land in Azerbaijan have been cleared with mine detection dogs and returned to the local population for further exploitation. The certain number of dogs trained at MDDC for ANAMA was funded by the Marshall Legacy Institute and PM/WRA, while the training of remaining dogs was funded by ANAMA with their own funds.   

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