Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mine Detection Dog Center is actively involved in Bosnia and Herzegovina through  the demining projects and training of dog teams for various purposes, such as: mine, explosive and narcotic detection dogs, police patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs and training of dog trainers and handlers, as well as through the mine risk education projects.  More than 300 dogs for various purposes were trained at MDDC so far and they are deployed in dozens of countries across the world. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the dog teams are being trained for Police Forces, State Border Police, Armed Forces and other commercial, government and nongovernment organization using professional dogs in their work. Furthermore, MDDC conducts the testing and re-training and issues certificates on training of dogs and personnel. We are accredited for conducting the demining operations with our demining team and for conducting mine risk education activities. MDDC has so far conducted two mine risk education projects for school children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One of the projects was implemented in cooperation with the sitting volleyball club Fantomi from Sarajevo, involving more than 1000 children in sport clubs in the towns across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The other mine risk education project was created as a result of the  Mine Awareness Night to Make a Difference fundraising dinner – portion of funds raised at the dinner was used for the mine risk education project in towns of Konjic and Olovo, involving 760 children. MDDC has become the leading institution in Bosnia and Herzegovina for training of dogs for various purposes. MDDC organizes seminars and round tables that promote proper and human use of professional dogs, emphasizing the development of procedures, and proper care of the dogs who proved to be one of the most efficient tools in reduction of suspected area, detection of various types of explosive devices and narcotics and in search for persons.   

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