25-06-2018 09:01

Official handover in Busovača marks the completion of demining project

tl_files/minigalerija/Busovaca3.jpgMine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina - MDDC have successfully completed the demining project in the area of Busovača - Kula Krčevina municipality, size 42.138 square meters. The project was funded by the US State Department through the Marshall Legacy Institute. Demining activities began in May and on June 19, 2018 the the cleared areas was handed over to local authorities and to the population for use

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29-03-2018 07:59

Start of the Land Release Project Petrovići Olovo

tl_files/galerija/Petrovici 2.jpgOperations on the Land Release project Petrovići in Olovo municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina have started March 10, 2018. This is one of the most recent projects that are being implemented by the Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MDDC). The total size of the area that will be released for productive use through this project is 2.426.437 m2.

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28-03-2018 07:34

CHAMPS teams met with PM/WRA official

On March 16, 2018 Ethan Rinks, EUR Program Manager from U.S. Department of State Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement and representatives of US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina were able to experience the effects of another important project implemented by the Mine Detection Dog Center and funded by US State Department – CHAMPS Bosnia and Herzegovina.

tl_files/galerija/Ethan Rinks with CHAMPS.jpg

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22-03-2018 13:23

Continuation of Land Release project Zoranovići

Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina continued with activities on Land Release task in municipality Ilidža, that started In October 2017. This project is funded by the Municipality Ilidža through ITF Enhancing Human Security and the total area that will be released for use is 2.950.000 square meters.tl_files/galerija/manual deminer in field in BH.JPG

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04-01-2018 12:54

MDDC in 2017

In 2017 Mine Detection Dog Center has implemented many different projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. We bring most important facts and activities in the year behing us, that involve mine clearance and land release activities, training of service dogs, mine risk education and mine victims assistance. Majority of those projects were funded by the US State Department, but also by some local authorities like Municipality Ilidža who has funded land release activities from their own budget. MDDC continues to improve safety and quality of life for people through CHAMPS project Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

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01-02-2017 08:43

MDDC delivered explosive detection dogs to Lebanon

tl_files/slike vijesti/dog searching vehicle in Lebanon.jpgMine Detection Dog Center completed the training of three explosive detection dogs (EDD) for Lebanon Mine Action Center - LMAC. MDDC trainer is conducting the integration training of three new EDDs in Lebanon with their handlers from LMAC. Once the new EDD teams are fully integrated, they will be handed over to LMAC and they will significantly improve their capacities and be valuable asset in their future work.

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08-11-2016 09:01

Completion of Land Release Project in Ilidža

tl_files/novosti/Ilidza ceremony.jpgMine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina successfully implemented the Land Release Project in Ilidža, where total of 2.039.000 square meters of mine suspected land has been released for safe use, benefiting not only the population of Ilidža municipality, but also entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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01-07-2016 11:04

Continuation of the CHAMPS project in BH

tl_files/galerija/mddc/CHAMPS kids at Bauerfeind prosthetic.jpgProject CHAMPS - Children Against Mines in Bosnia and Herzegovina is implemented in partnership with Marshall Legacy Institute since November 2014, and continues to June 2017. Project is funded by the US State Department (PM/WRA) and private US donors, and involves school children from Bosnia and Herzegovina and USA.

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20-06-2016 08:36

Completion of the demining task in Olovo

tl_files/galerija/mddc/Kusevo2Olovo deminers.jpgMDDC successfully completed demining of 64.797 sq. meters of land in location Kruševo 2 in Olovo municipality in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the progress in the task, anti-tank and anti-personnel landmines were found and removed by demining teams. The funds for execution of the demining operations in Kruševo 2 were provided by United States Department of State's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement-PM/WRA through ITF Enhancing Human Security.

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24-11-2015 09:22

Start of the Mine Detection Dog Partnership Program in Armenia

tl_files/minigalerija/Armenia teaser.jpgArmenia is in need of additional resources to free its land from the scourge of landmines. The Armenian Centre for Humanitarian Demining and Expertise and the Armenian Peacekeeping Engineering Battalion - PKEB, have requested assistance to enable six highly trained Mine Detection Dog (MDD) teams, which is the main scope of the project activities.Training will be conducted by two MDDC trainers for the next six months in PKEB headquarters, followed by the six months of field supervision in minefields in Syunik area on south of Armenia.

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