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04-01-2018 12:54

The year behind us was marked by numerous successful projects of the Mine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Explosive detection dog training project for Lebanon have been completed, as well as numerous mine detection dog training mine training projects for the needs of organizations that needed to improve their capacity in 2017. Through team integration and successful testing and certification, they have become active resources in combating mine danger in Bosnia and Herzegovina, also in Croatia.


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The 2017 Mine Detection Dog Center teams have implemented another land release project in Konjic - MSP Jošanica Turija, financed by the US Government through ITF Enhancing Security, and another MSP project in Ilidža municipality - MSP Zoranovići, which is being financed by Ilidža Municipality itself, also through ITF. With these projects, millions of squares of mine suspected areas were released for use to local population, and were followed by a comprehensive mine risk education conducted among the local population.



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The CHAMPS - Children Against Mines project, also funded by the US State Department, was continued and implemented by MDDC together with the Marshall Legacy Institute. Tens of mine victims have received high-quality prosthetic limbs that have significantly improved their lives, and the project also achieved numerous very important goals involving children from six primary schools. With their hard work and commitment, CHAMPS teams in schools constantly work on promoting peace, promoting mine risk education and communicating with children from the US.


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Trying to help their community, school children from Kreševo initiated the realization of demining project that was also implemented by MDDC -project Stijena project in their municipality that was completed in September thanks to the funds allocated by the US Government. It was the last location in Kreševo that was demined. Šeina Stijena is known as an excursion site that is now safe for all its users.

MDDC attended the Clearing the Path Gala in October 2017, which was at the same time the 20th anniversary of the Marshall Legacy Institute, our US partnership organization.


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Numerous new projects have been planned in 2018, including the continuation of the activities on the land release project MSP Zoranovići, as well as the start of other MSP projects that significantly improve the demining process in Bosnia and Herzegovina, continued work within CHAMPS project and the realization of training programs for service dogs.

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25-06-2018 09:01

Official handover in Busovača marks the completion of demining project

tl_files/minigalerija/Busovaca3.jpgMine Detection Dog Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina - MDDC have successfully completed the demining project in the area of Busovača - Kula Krčevina municipality, size 42.138 square meters. The project was funded by the US State Department through the Marshall Legacy Institute. Demining activities began in May and on June 19, 2018 the the cleared areas was handed over to local authorities and to the population for use

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